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Website updated

I updated my homepage's blog publishing system. Articles are now categorized by topic, and also the behaviour when clicking on photos changed to open a popup window with a larger version of the image. Every post got a new so-called "Permalink", a hyperlink, with which the article is always reachable. If you open the article via the Permalink or the Comments link, you will notice a new navigation at the right side, which also features references to "related articles".

As I mentioned before, there has also some work done on the layouting possibilities. These made some progress, and so I am now able to give the articles a more individual look. I will try that with the next post :)

Speise & Trank

Instant Noodles Addiction

Korean Instant Noodles

Did you ever eat those korean, chinese or japanese instant noodles? Yes, I mean the colorful small packs, which look so cheap and not very tasty? :p

But in fact,... some of them are very good :) And although all look the same, there are really different types available! So the one in the picture has very thick noodles (compared to the other packs I ate).

Anyway, it feels like getting addicted to this stuff...

More noodles:,, (all sites in german)