Maynooth, Ontario, Canada

I find adventure everywhere,
and friends with whom I'd like to share.
This is my stop along the way.
Don't really know how long I'll stay.
Stop over. The world is my friend.
Stop over along the road without end.
Traveling around from town to town.
Sometimes I think I'll settle down.
But I know I'd hunger to be free.
Rovin' is the only life for me.
A-driftin'. The world is my friend.
I'm travelin' along the road without end.

(Littlest Hobo Song)

By the way, I could go crazy for all this lomo here and there. As a result, here is a lomolized version of the above image. It has been processed with The Gimp and the Photo:Lomo script. Another Lomo: Yesterday's road with the truck