Das Korea Foundation Cultural Center in Seoul (nahe City Hall) bietet kostenlose Abendkurse Koreanisch an. Die Sprachkurse sind in verschiedene Stufen gegliedert und finden einmal woechentlich - Montags, Mittwochs oder Freitags von 19.00 bis 21.00 Uhr - statt.

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About our Korean classes

Each class starts in the first week of every month.
Each class meets once a week.
Each class takes 12 weeks to finish (except advanced class).
After finishing one level, students can proceed to the next level by passing a test.
Students who have more than three unexcused absences cannot move to the next level, regardless of their performance. If there are reasons why students have to miss a class, the teacher should be contacted and informed in advance.

To join the class

Anyone, who stays in Korea for more than three months, is eligible to join the Korean class. Please come to registration at the Korea Foundation Cultural Center on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 18:30 ~ 20:30.

For registration you will need to produce one of the followings: A valid passport, a valid visa, Student Card, Alien Certificate of Registration

About Level Test

The level test is required for all students, except beginners for the Hangeul class. To join the September class, all students registered by Wednsday, August 29 are required to come to the Seminar room of the Korea Foundation Cultural Center on Friday, August 31 at 18:00. If you were not able to make the registration in advance, please come on Friday, August 31 at 18:00 to fill out the registration form and to see if you can be added to the class.

The written test consists of 15 relatively simple questions. Intermediate class students and advanced class students will also be given a short oral test.

Class Schedule

Monday 7 p.m.: Beginners class 1A, Beginners class 2A, Beginners class 3A
Wednesday 4 p.m.: Hangeul class, Beginners class 3B
Wednesday 7 p.m.: Intermediate class 1, Intermediate class 2, Advanced class
Friday 7 p.m.: Hangeul class, Beginners class 1B, Beginners class 2B

1. Hangeul (Korean alphabet) class (4 weeks)
This class is designed for students who are learning Korean for the first time. The focus is on how to read and write vowels and consonants.

2. Beginners class 1 / class 2 (4 weeks / 4 weeks)
In this class, students practice basic Korean conversation skills, from greetings to verb tenses.

3. Beginners class 3 (12 weeks)
In this class, students practice basic Korean conversation skills, from greetings to verb tenses.

4. Intermediate class 1/ Intermediate class 2 (12 weeks / 12 weeks)
This level will focus on fluency and accuracy by learning advanced grammar and conversation.

5. Advanced class
This class is designed to help advanced students to improve their Korean to near native-like fluency. Students will also study TV commercials to learn Korean.