A Road, Part III

Maynooth, Ontario, Canada

I find adventure everywhere,
and friends with whom I'd like to share.
This is my stop along the way.
Don't really know how long I'll stay.
Stop over. The world is my friend.
Stop over along the road without end.
Traveling around from town to town.
Sometimes I think I'll settle down.
But I know I'd hunger to be free.
Rovin' is the only life for me.
A-driftin'. The world is my friend.
I'm travelin' along the road without end.

(Littlest Hobo Song)

By the way, I could go crazy for all this lomo here and there. As a result, here is a lomolized version of the above image. It has been processed with The Gimp and the Photo:Lomo script. Another Lomo: Yesterday's road with the truck

Braunschweig, Niedersachsen

Are you gonna be my girl?

trashbin looking for a girl, Braunschweig

No... thanks.

Braunschweig, Niedersachsen

Enjoying the pigeons

kohlmarkt, braunschweig

Children love birds. Took this picture two days ago. The weather was nice. I enjoyed the sunshine too, although it is was not very warm outside... Summer, where are you?

Internet, Linux & IT

Chemnitzer Linuxtage

chemnitz university

windows free zone

Gentoo Linux


Together with my friends Janosch and Sebastian, I went to the Chemnitzer Linuxtage (Chemnitz Linux Conference) at the weekend.

The trip took three and a half hours by car, but I would say it was worth it, although there were less business people and company presence than I expected. Too many freaks :-)

looking for wavelan

The most notable presentations I took part in were about the PostgreSQL open-source database system and about website security, including a live demonstration of cross-server-scripting attacks.

The organisators provided sleeping place in a sports hall, which was a good stay for a great price (5 Euro including a nice breakfast buffet).

Also notable for the weekend was our selfmade after-show party, which was prepared in advance by buying lots of beer and some potatoe chips :)

jani & sebastian

I did not really enjoy the tour back home, as I was little tired and stressed, but after all, I had two fun days with good friends.

(more photos)


Japanese Tourists

Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, Canada


Speise & Trank

Beer and Pizza

beeeeeer & pizza

Who doesn't like it? :-)


The Evil Rabbits

From Yorick's diary:

Rabbits have gained my fascination in the last past months, ever since one of my friends bought one. Whenever I look at the seemingly dumb and dull creature I get a strange feeling. A feeling that this cute little animal isn't so friendly and stupid after all. I can watch it eat lettuce for hours, wondering what goes on in it's mind.

When you really start to know a rabbit, you notice at times it can have an evil character. It sits there in it's cage, looking, eating, grunting, kicking you when you try to pet him. It's planning for a way out. I know it wants to attack his owner, kill it. REVENGE! The rabbit thinks. I assume rabbits that live free in nature have similar plans. They dig tunnels to undermine our civilisation. They are a great collective, just waiting for the right moment to attack the human race.

When I first figured this out, the thought scared me. But not anymore haha. When my time comes, I want to be killed by a rabbit. Feel it breathing over me, punch his sharp teeth in my throat. Kill me, kill me, kill me!!! My desire for this moment is so great that I want a killer rabbit for myself!


Street at night

street at night (chemnitz, germany)

street at night (chemnitz, germany)

Braunschweig, Niedersachsen

Music for the City

street musician, braunschweig

What would a city be without street musicians? Probably very quiet, lifeless and boring. Thanks to people like him, walking through the city gets a special flair. Wonderful. (another photo here)

Braunschweig, Niedersachsen

Happy White Day!

Candy Company, Braunschweig

Today is so-called "White Day" in Korea.

While we in Germany only know Valentine's day, Koreans have this additional day to show their love. On Valentine's day, korean girls usually give chocolate to their boyfriends. The favour is returned by the boys on White Day, in form of candy.

But just one candy is not enough for my girl, so please take the whole store!

Happy White Day, Jimin!