Braunschweig, Niedersachsen

First post :-)

Burgplatz, Braunschweig, Germany

I finally managed to get my new site up and running, although there are still some pages missing. Weblinks, Gallery, and maybe even some short info about me should follow soon.

The old website was rather static, new content hardly appeared. I am looking forward to change this with the launch of this new design. Be sure to check back soon for some updates and new images.

This time the special thanks fly out to Sebastian Rosemann, who did the nice artwork for the new homepage.

The photo along this post shows the Burgplatz in Braunschweig, the town I am currently living in. It is well guarded by the Lion, don't you think so?

Braunschweig, Niedersachsen


Braunschweiger Karneval 2004

The Braunschweiger Karneval was actually not as bad as expected. Some people had beautiful costumes, but most observers were only interested in the sweets. And they threw much. Not only sweets. I got almost killed by a flying package of Pinnacle InstantCopy.

Am I the only one to see the mysterious girl from the woods?

Braunschweig, Niedersachsen

Waiting for the sweets, Part II

Braunschweiger Karneval 2004

People looking forward for the next sweets rain to arrive.

Well, I have to admit, I wanted to collect too. But I was busy taking pictures.

Anyway, who ordered the snow today? I am looking forward for BBQ in summer.. hmmm

Braunschweig, Niedersachsen


Braunschweig, Germany

Yesterday, I lost my time again. I was so fascinated about the possibilities of HTML/CSS for layouting, and wrote new code for my homepage all day. Unfortunatly, it is not ready yet, but I am looking forward to complete it within the next few weeks. The new system will allow me to publish also more story-like entries and also gives me more options for layouting the individual stories.

Anyway, enough of that technic blabla... my head is telling me yesterday's beer was cheap. We had a secret gathering here at my place to talk about a friend's upcoming wedding.

I probably need some silence today....

Speise & Trank

Instant Noodles Addiction

Korean Instant Noodles

Did you ever eat those korean, chinese or japanese instant noodles? Yes, I mean the colorful small packs, which look so cheap and not very tasty? :p

But in fact,... some of them are very good :) And although all look the same, there are really different types available! So the one in the picture has very thick noodles (compared to the other packs I ate).

Anyway, it feels like getting addicted to this stuff...

More noodles:,, (all sites in german)

Website News

Website updated

I updated my homepage's blog publishing system. Articles are now categorized by topic, and also the behaviour when clicking on photos changed to open a popup window with a larger version of the image. Every post got a new so-called "Permalink", a hyperlink, with which the article is always reachable. If you open the article via the Permalink or the Comments link, you will notice a new navigation at the right side, which also features references to "related articles".

As I mentioned before, there has also some work done on the layouting possibilities. These made some progress, and so I am now able to give the articles a more individual look. I will try that with the next post :)

Braunschweig, Niedersachsen

Saturday Night Party

Last Saturday, I went to a small party at Christiane's and Martin's place.

Most important reason for the gathering was to discuss some issues regarding Martin and Christiane's upcoming wedding (at March 26). It will take place in a small town, approx. three hours from Braunschweig. So the No.#1 topic for the evening was organizing the trip and some beds for all of us.

This time again, we were surprised by the variety of alcoholic drinks at their place, and also by some tasty foods. It is always a pleasure visiting them :)

As usual, lots of pictures have been taken, and, as usual, are in the internet already. Check out the gallery here.

Thanks Martin, Thanks Christiane!

Interessante Webseiten

Wie funktioniert Japan?

Foto copyright:

Found a cool site for your entertainment:

A photoalbum of a two germans' trip to Japan, with funny and ironic comments :)

Link: here

Sorry folks, it's in german only...


A Road, Part I

a road in canada

There's a voice that keeps on calling me.
Down the road. That's where I'll always be.
Oh, every stop I make, I make a new friend.
Can't stay for long. Just turn around, and I'm gone again.
Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down.
Until tomorrow, I'll just keep movin' on.
So, if you want to join me for awhile,
just grab your hat, and we'll travel light. That's hobo style.
Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down.
Until tomorrow, I'll just keep movin' on.
Until tomorrow, the whole world is my home.

(Littlest Hobo Song)


A Road, Part II

a road in canada

Looks like we're comin' into town.
Seems like this train is slowin' down.
Can't help but wonder what's in store.
Could be I've been here once before.
A-driftin'. The world is my friend.
I'm travlin' along the road without end.
Ridin' these rails town to town.
Sometimes I think I'll settle down.
But I know I'd hunger to be free.
Rovin's the only life for me.
A-driftin'. The world is my friend.
I'm travlin' along the road without end.

(Littlest Hobo Song)