From Yorick's diary:

Rabbits have gained my fascination in the last past months, ever since one of my friends bought one. Whenever I look at the seemingly dumb and dull creature I get a strange feeling. A feeling that this cute little animal isn't so friendly and stupid after all. I can watch it eat lettuce for hours, wondering what goes on in it's mind.

When you really start to know a rabbit, you notice at times it can have an evil character. It sits there in it's cage, looking, eating, grunting, kicking you when you try to pet him. It's planning for a way out. I know it wants to attack his owner, kill it. REVENGE! The rabbit thinks. I assume rabbits that live free in nature have similar plans. They dig tunnels to undermine our civilisation. They are a great collective, just waiting for the right moment to attack the human race.

When I first figured this out, the thought scared me. But not anymore haha. When my time comes, I want to be killed by a rabbit. Feel it breathing over me, punch his sharp teeth in my throat. Kill me, kill me, kill me!!! My desire for this moment is so great that I want a killer rabbit for myself!